A picture of me!

Angelo Encarnacion - Community Manager

Angelo Encarnacion is a community person, first and foremost.

Angelo is a scrappy, community-minded programmer who creates prototypes, nurtures communites, and empowers those around him to do their best. Angelo can quickly create games or tools for demonstrations or exploration in GameMaker Studio 2, Unity3D, TIC-80, Python, Scratch, and more.

Angelo also focuses on community building and development, stemming from involvement with Inclusion Alberta, Jasper Place High School's Global Café, and his local Children's Miracle Hospital through Extra Life Edmonton. With experience in community outreach, management, conflict resolution, and more, Angelo is looking for opportunities to take his wide variety of informal experience and grow together with his next adventure!

How can I help you? Here are some of my skills/traits:

Community building

Content creation

Campaign creation

Community storyteller

Conflict resolution

Inclusive ally

Brand builder

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