Extra Life Edmonton 2018 - Community Manager

As the Community Manager for Extra Life Edmonton, I was in charge of member on-boarding, creating, maintaining, and moderating our communtiy space, creating and developing inclusive and welcoming activities, and solving issues before they became a problem. During my time with Extra Life Edmonton, I developed my conflict resolution skills and exercised community wellness practices I learned from my mentors during my Mario Kart Monday after school program.

Mario Kart Monday's After School Program

The Mario Kart Monday's After School Program was an after school program that ran out of Jasper Place High School's Global Café. The program initally was aimed at providing at-risk youth a safe space to have fun, keeping them out of trouble and away harmful substances.

The program was successful, and had the unexpected benefit of re-integrating youth with their peers, and allowing school staff to connect with the youth in a constructive manner.